How – and why – you should study up before playing casino games

Everyone knows that when it comes to online casinos – or their offline counterparts, for that matter – there is a fairly significant chance that you will lose. That’s just material reality, because there can’t be a way to win without the possibility that the opposite will happen. And we still play the games nonetheless, flocking to sites like for tips on finding the best casinos, so obviously, there is something keeping us coming back. There is always the intention, and the hope, that we will actually be lucky next time and walk away with a win.

Let’s make one thing clear: realistically, when you win at an online casino, it’s not the casino you have beaten. It is the other players in the casino. For the casino to be making a profit, and therefore continuing to operate, someone has to be losing when another person wins. And the essential thing for you to remember as a prospective casino winner is that you want to be on the winning side of that equation. So it is best to go into the casino knowing more than other people do. If you want to win regularly at casinos, you need to study up.


If there are two or more people with a certain amount of knowledge and a bit of time on their hands, eventually there will be a podcast. That’s a reality of 2020s life, and of course there are podcasts related to gambling. Some of them are run by casinos, others by keen gamblers, and it is worth listening to as many as you can spare the time for. Of course the casinos aren’t going to give away knowledge on how to beat them, but they will give useful how-to guides on games you may never have considered playing. Gambler-run podcasts, meanwhile, will contain more practical information on how to enhance your chances of winning.

Blogs (like this one!)

Reading information on a blog is a useful way to accumulate knowledge, because it puts things in a sequenced, easy-to-understand way. If you’re playing at an online casino and want to try out a strategy you have read about, you can have a blog post about that strategy open right next to you while you play. This way, you can follow the tips step-by-step and get an idea of the possible success of your efforts. It’s all too easy to try a strategy from memory and end up missing part of it out. Having handy tips open in another browser tab is a good way to eliminate this risk.

Other bettors

There are tonnes of betting forums on the internet, some of which are part of a larger paid subscription service that offers additional advice on gambling. As a recommendation, we wouldn’t advise that you paid much more per month for a subscription than you would pay for a single large takeout pizza, but for the right service it is worth paying. At these sites, you can learn from experienced bettors which sites and which games have the best record for delivering wins, and how to go about picking up a few wins for yourself. There are plenty of people without this knowledge playing at every casino on the internet, so why not ensure that their losses are your wins?

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