Laws and Regulatory Framework for Poker in Italy

Italians have a long history of playing poker and have been successful at it. Many Italian poker players have become popular with fans through their bold and colorful personalities, which make for compelling television. The first casino was opened in Venice which was called the Ridotto. The country’s many casinos attract thousands of tourists every year, including many from other European countries. Italian gaming companies are leaders in their field, and Italian officials continue embracing innovation and new industry technology.

Gambling has been a part of Italian culture for centuries, but it first gained popularity during the Roman Empire. Baccarat and bingo are among the gambling games that are most played in Italy. Today, online casinos in Italy that are available to foreign punters are touching the sky due to the introduction of the latest versions of these games.

Land-Based Italian Gambling Laws

Italian brick-and-mortar casinos are renowned worldwide for their outstanding service and opulence fit for a king. Italy’s gambling regulations have contributed to the country’s thriving and expanding gaming industry. There are now 15 cities in Italy with at least 37 land-based enterprises. Ten of them are in Milan and cater to both visitors and residents.

Italian gambling laws are pretty unusual and, in certain ways, innovative. For instance, the product category that includes most forms of gambling products is allowed in Italy. Italian gamblers and tourists profit from a large selection of gaming items. Of course, the government strictly regulates all types of gambling. Operators must adhere to tight regulations in order to uphold the quality requirements established by the government. The Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies’ regulating body in Italy must provide a license to any gambling establishment.

Online Gambling Laws in Italy

According to Italian gambling legislation, everyone of legal age who wants to gamble online is wholly allowed to do so. However, the nation has had a turbulent and ambiguous past with the sector, much like other countries. Following considerable involvement from the European Commission, the first online gambling legislation was implemented in 2006. The Italian government’s monopoly on the gaming industry alarmed the EU. The legislation was strengthened in 2009 and fully implemented in 2010. After that, international gaming businesses could finally start serving Italian gamers.

As a result of this move, gamers now have the option to play at a larger range of operators, as the Italian online gambling industry has finally been liberalized. Almost all popular types of internet gaming are currently permitted in Italy. At the top Italian online casinos, players may choose from various games. However, although it can be a simple experience for them, it’s a very different situation for the operators. The regulating organization, the AAMS, has strict rules and restrictions for anyone looking to apply for an Internet gambling license.


Poker is legal in Italy for all players, and it is assumed that the number of poker sites available in the Italian market will grow. Gamblers are confident that Italy will be one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to online gambling.

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